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Hello, My Name is Pennington.

Myles Pennington- I have over 20 years of experience in project management, marketing communication and sales promotion. As a graduate of UNT, I began my marketing career in the direct-sales industry - first with the cookware company,  Saladmaster then with the vacuum cleaner company, Thermax. Marketing for big-ticket or personal selling models is right up my alley. Today I am a highly motivated professional with a widely varied client portfolio.

I currently work at Trinity Valley Community College, where as the Director of Media Support Services, I excercise my inner-techie as I'm over web applications, digital communications and classroom and venue technology; and I love my job.

I also serve a variety of clients in the north Texas area with web, video and other marketing communication services. You may be surprised at the bredth of my portfolio.

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My project experience ranges from identity all the way up to broadcast video and everything in between.

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What I'm Doing

I love what I do. I take great pride in what I do. And I can't do something halfway, three-quarters, nine-tenths. If I'm going to do something, I go all the way.

1. Strategy

Each project is a solution to a problem. Before I suggest an approach, I consider the client's desired result and the environment the communication will have to navigate. Without a road map, you won't be able to reach your destination.

2. Branding

Small businesses often stub their toe on branding. They either over-think the issue and change logos every few months; making them look like they have an identity crisis. Or they don't strategize enough on what image they want to project and they miss the mark. That's where a seasoned communication professional can help.

3. Web Design

Good web design should catch the readers eye and quickly engage them to stay on the page. It should compel them to dig deeper into the site seeking information. The layout should be intuitive and lead the reader naturally to where they want to go. And modern sites must conform to a broad range of devices. I bring 20 years of employing these strategies.

4. Social Media

Marketers are always looking for ways to connect with their audience and show their product is relevant. They're also looking for ways to get personal references; the most effective form of purchase influencing. Social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest all make this possible. But it takes a committment to stay engaged in the digital society. Impossible? Not when you have the right guidance.

5. Application Development

Sometimes the lines between websites and web applications get blurred. In my case, once the blur faded to focus, I was not just a marketer. I found myself in the world of Information Technology and application development. The commonality is the strategic approach. What is the problem? What is the desired result? What environmental factors are in effect? Now apply technical expertise to overcome and achieve!

6. Consulting

The same principals that apply to larger organizations leading to growth often apply to small businesses. But a small business can't always afford a full-time marketing professional. That's where I've been able to serve local small businesses and give them the leverage of my experience.

My Strengths

Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough.


My Resume

One of my greatest gifts is being able to see the intrinsic, relational value in people, then through a relationship, motivate them to achieve results.

My Education


Graduation - University of North Texas

Bachelors Business Administration: Marketing

Work Experience
1993 - Now

2015 - Now

Director Media Support Services - Trinity Valley Community College

Lead a team to support communication technology for internal and external communication including mass communication, webcasting of major events, classroom technology support, web applications for communication, and internal digital signage complete with creative content development.

Manage a team of two media support specialists, one videographer and one application programmer to fulfill technology needs of the college
Manage a budget of $178,000 for the Media Support Services department
Manage the team that implemented rollout and maintenance of 130 smart rooms across 4 campuses
Provide direction for and manage videographer for key video-on-demand communication
Manage programmer for web applications supporting custom one and two-way online communications
Develop and manage content for digital signage throughout the college system
Develop and manage content for electronic message center (digital marquee)

2009 - 2015

Web Developer - Trinity Valley Community College

Drive creative and technical development of web and multimedia communications including the institution’s website, web streaming events, digital marquee, and digital signage throughout multiple campuses. Support communication needs of various campaigns for events and programs.

Created attention-grabbing animated messages for the school’s digital marquee
Headed a 9-man team to web stream various college and sports events
Consulted in design of sound reinforcement systems for various live events
Oversaw installation (with direct involvement) of $40,000 sound system for Cardinal Gym resulting in the best sound the venue has ever had
Established a consistent brand for the college through the website, streaming events, marquee and various print projects
Developed creative and technical platform for digital signage for the college’s four campuses
Developed full marketing campaigns to promote registration on radio, TV, movie theaters, web and social media – see commercial here.

1999 - Now

Consultant - Spencer Marketing

Provide expert consulting in branding for various start-up and well-established companies, specializing in the creation and coordination of marketing communications.

Developed and implemented a wide range of communication strategies to meet the specific goals of various companies including: Legacy Dental Group, Splash Kingdom, Elliott Law Firm, Citizens National Bank.
Lead Legacy Dental Group into growth during a time in the marketplace when many dental groups saw decline. Used target marketing with social media and community sponsoring to gain maximum brand exposure.
Developed websites complete with custom content management systems for organizations such as Rose Capital All Stars, Citizens National Bank, Van ISD and many more.
Developed and implemented strategic marketing plan for LifeMist Home Products, which included all aspects of business operation from customer service to product fulfillment to information tracking systems and corporate internet/intranet websites.
Cultivated a sales team for Print Print which produced record sales levels during a period of decline in the market. Directed prepress and support staff.

2004 - 2006

Director Sales and Marketing - Homemade Gourmet, Canton, TX

Led marketing department to develop and put into action strategic and tactical marketing plans to achieve corporate objectives in a fast-paced deadline-oriented environment.

Hired and directed activities of marketing staff.
Directed product line development and led brand management.
Directed market channel development activity that achieved record-setting results.
Managed internal and external communication activities including print, web, and electronic media.
Managed all sales promotion programs implemented for push and pull strategies.
Directed planning and execution of regional and national events.

1999 - 2000

Director of Sales Promotion - Thermax Cleaning Systems, Reno, NV

Worked directly with company president to develop and implement a strategic marketing plan to successfully reverse declining sales and negative morale among the sales force for this manufacturer of specialized, high-quality vacuum cleaners.

Hired and directed activities of sales and support staff.
Engineered all channel development functions including marketing communications, meeting planning, incentive contests and recognition programs.

1996 - 1999

Sales Promotion Manager - Saladmaster Corporate Office, Arlington, TX

Spearheaded the promotion and implementation of strategic marketing plans through dealer conferences and international conventions, incentives, channel recognition, and marketing communications.

Developed departmental information system for sales and contest tracking.
Supervised the creation and management of internet and extranet websites.

1993 - 1996

Regional Marketing Coordinator - Saladmaster Regional Office, Arlington, TX

Assisted in running a 17-state region with over 170 dealers. Supported sales and marketing efforts of the Regional Sales Director to create the most successful region in the company. Assisted in the planning and execution of sales rallies. Responsible for creating and coordinating a wide range of marketing communications.

Managed incentive contests and recognition programs for regional dealers.
Created information system to track sales performance and contest analysis.
Published weekly contest standings to motivate dealers.
Created and published regional company magazine, product brochures and lead generation/selling tools.
Oversaw sound reinforcement for regional conventions and meetings.
Built mobile sound system to use for large regional conventions and meetings.

Management Skills


Management Skills

Self-starter, excellent planning skills with the ability to analyze situations accurately and effectively
Proven ability to lead a team in high-demand situations, delegating tasks or responsibilities
Skilled at evaluating performance, programs, processes, or events
Goal-oriented and results-driven with a proven track record of success
Focused, versatile, dependable, multi-task oriented, flexible, positive, emotionally stable, able to adapt effectively to challenging and emergency situations

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Sure, I know how to show you my skills and experience. But do I have any talent? Ask the folks I've worked with what my service is like...

J Skinner Baking Company

"Myles seemed to instinctively know what I wanted before I could fully communicate it to him. He worked tirelessly to make sure we were totally satisfied. Although Myles was not on my payroll, I considered him a valued member of my team."

David Thomas
Plant Manager

Skills & Expertise

A winner is someone who recognizes his God-given talents, works his tail off to develop them into skills and uses these skills to accomplish his goals.








After Effects




Visual Studio


Human behavior flows from three main sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge.

Project Management


Web Development


Digital Design


Brand Design


Internet Marketing


Video Editing


Work Process

At the end of the project, I always evaluate a project by the answer to four questions:

  • Did we meet the desired result?
  • Was it on time?
  • Was it in budget?
  • Did we hurt anyone?

That last question takes many by surprise. But after considering it just a minute, the point is usually understood. If the original project plan does not take into account environmental factors or potential pitfalls that occur and the expectations for result, schedule or budget don't change, something has to give. And usually that's a team member or project manager.

1. Idea
2. Sketch
3. Design
4. Develop
5. Test
6. Launch

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